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Arboricultural Reports

Trees provide amenity value to society including economic, social, historical, health and recreation. It is because of this that Councils require a variety of Tree Reports to protect these assets.

Leigh from Tree Management Strategies is highly qualified to produce all these reports in a timely and qualitative fashion.

Nursery Stock Assessment

Investing in quality trees to ensure your landscaping investment will provide the longevity and amenity value it was intended for and save costly replacements.

Tree Management Strategies provide Nursery Stock Assessments to ensure it meets the Australia Standard 2303 Tree Stock for Landscape Use.

Project Arborist

On site Project Arborist Consultancy ensures compliancy with Tree Protection Plans, root mapping to make certain root systems are not damaged and monitoring the ongoing health and vitality of trees during the construction phase.

Staff Training and Development

It is recognised that in today’s business world that staff are a company’s biggest asset. Leigh Brennan’s extensive Wholesale Nursery Management Experience means he can offer onsite hands on training and development in all Wholesale Nursery practices. This includes Australian Standard 2303, staking, pruning and propagation techniques. Staff that see companies investing in them through Training and Development are happier and more productive.

Horticultural Consultancy

This service can vary widely and can include: pest and disease management, tree support systems, landscape tree selection, irrigation selection and maintenance and landscape planting techniques.

The photo displayed is a large Angophora Costata (Sydney Red Gum) that was infested by Wood Borer. The client was enthusiastic about saving this tree so we applied a contact spray, a trunk injection and a deep soil injection of root tonic to increase the trees health and vitality to fight the attack.

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Barangaroo Headland Park

In 2011 Andreasens Green was contracted to supply of over 70,000 trees, palms, grasses and shrubs to Barangaroo Reserve. Leigh Brennan (Nursery Manager at the time) project managed the construction of six dedicated acres of land for the project, liaised with government agencies, well-known landscape designers, soil scientists, consulting arborists and the Andreasens Green team. All trees, palms, grasses and shrubs were delivered in full on time 4 years later, providing spectacular six-hectare headland open space for Sydneysiders and visitors to embrace and enjoy.

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